About me

Hullo! I am an artist living by the sea in Hove, south coast UK. My working space is in the shared studio of Studio106, Hove.

I carry a sketchbook everywhere and use my sketches as a starting point for my paintings. I studied Drawing and Illustration at Brighton University Art School, and have taken life drawing courses at Sussex University and in Brighton. I’ve been taught and mentored by some very inspiring artists; including Dinah Kelly, Anne de Geus and Becky Blair. At present I’m attending The Painting Group with Emily Ball at Seawhites.

I love painting outdoors and in 2019 I was Artist in Residence at Pells Pool in Lewes for 6 months. 

Painting and drawing are a luxury and a necessity for me. Having spent most of my life too fearful (or lazy) to believe I could be an artist, it took a miscarriage/the loss of a baby, and the subsequent realisation that life can be taken away without notice, to make me jump out of my skin and do what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m grateful for every minute I have to paint; I want to push myself as far as I can go and enjoy it all, and I hope this comes across in my work.