Tuesday 10th December 2019

My first blogpost and a letter of thanks to Emily Ball. Today was the second day of The Painting Group at Seawhites studios. Emily runs the studio and the course has been running for two days once a month. Yesterday was a painting looking like vomit kind of day. Last month was an encouraging two days of pushing my sketches into studies and then identifying what I like about those studies. Today was a breakthrough day. I like these kind of days. It’s a high, a buzz, a feeling of discovery and success. After a few months of feeling pretty stuck, despite still enjoying what I was painting, today has felt like a turning point. Tomorrow might not feel like that, but at least it doesn’t today! 

What I loved about the guidance I got today, was that Emily listened to what I was trying to achieve and pushed me to take risks. I was made aware of the habitual patterns I slip into, that are comfortable yet holding me back. For example, my lines. I bloody love lines, really adore them. But I also love painting, and I want to incorporate the lines and the painting in a way that is layered, complex, and sensitive. After discussions with Emily I began to paint my head, using my hands to feel my flesh and bones, the warmth of my skin, and the softness of my hair. I used line, with pencil, brushes, my fingers, kitchen roll, collage... I tried to respond to the feeling rather than what I thought it should look like. Tried to use my intuition. The colour was almost innate in the feeling. The line of my jaw felt like a strong line of darker neon pink to me. Take a look and see. 

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